Sponsored Pilots

Droneislife is proud to be able to offer sponsorship to both budding and experienced FPV pilots.

As a growing competitive sport, we feel that the very best way to further the reach of FPV racing is to mix sheer experience of the circuit with new blood, giving a hand up to exciting talent with the demonstration of professionalism and capability.

Additionally, we are always on the lookout for the unusual talent, the freelovin' freestyler and the serious "ride or die" racer.

As such, we are pleased to introduce you to our three sponsored FPV quadcopter pilots:


If you've spent a reasonable amount of time in FPV, chances are you'll know James.

Not only is he the 2015 UK champion but he is an absolutely outstanding ambassador for the sport and a true gent. His exceptional skill and talent is matched by his patience and friendliness on the racing circuit; he has helped many a fledgling racer find their wings.

James has a range of sponsors, is a staple part of the Gemfan racing team and Droneislife is honoured to be able to stand alongside him.

For the 2018 season, JAB1a is getting race ready and will be flying the following:

  • ImpulseRC Reverb (Freestyle frame provided by Droneislife) 
  • Space One Aurora (Racing frame provided by Droneislife) 
  • Matek F4 flight controller
  • Gemfan 30A ESCs
  • 3B motors
  • Acehe LiPos
  • FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter
  • FatShark Dominator Goggles

JAB1a's preferred propellers are the Gemfan Windancers or Flash props.

You can find out more about JAB1a by visiting his YouTube page HERE and Instagram HERE.


The newest and youngest member of the Droneislife Sponsored Pilots stable, this gurrrlll can flyyy!

A regular attendee at every drone event going and a Bando proficionardo, Kelsey is moving up through the British ranks faster with every event. Active on both Facebook and Instagram, she is attracting a large following and we reckon shes headed for glory!

We've kitted Kelsey out with the very latest and greatest Brother Hobby Rainbow motors, 2306 2450kv and she LOVES THEM! 

Her preferred setup is as follows:

  • Quadracer God_mode frame
  • BrotherHobby Returner R6 motors, 2306 2450kv (provided by Droneislife)
  • Raceflight Skitzo Bolt 32 4-in1 ESC
  • Raceflight Skitzo Revolt OSD Flight Controller
  • TBS Unify Pro HV VTX
  • Menace Patch Antenna
  • FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter
  • FatShark Dominator HD2 Goggles

Check our KelseyFPV on youtube HERE and Instagram HERE


SliderFPV has been flying for a little over 18 months and has developed his freestyle and racing experience like all other pilots; with lots of crashing and plenty of replacement props.

A keen freestyler who loves the hobby and is always eager to help people get into FPV, Slider will be looking to race competitively in the 2018 season.

His signature quad is completely comprised of parts droneislife sells, so you too can fly the same setup:

  • Space One Aurora (Racing Frame)
  • ImpulseRC 6in Alien (Freestyle Frame)
  • Matek F4 flight controller
  • T-Motor F60 Pro motors
  • T-Motor 35a 4-in-1 ESC
  • FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter
  • FatShark Dominator HD3 Goggles

Slider says that he is a fan of the Gaui straps "long enough to fit round a GoPro and sticks like ****".

Sliders preferred propellers are the Lumenier Butter Cutters for racing and Gemfan Flash 6042s for freestyle six inch fun.

You can find out more about Slider by visiting his YouTube page HERE and don't forget to follow SliderFPV on Instagram!


We are absolutely buzzing to introduce SessionFPV as the newest member of the Droneislife team. 

Toby joined the RC world around 3 years ago, flying large nitro helicopters capable of some really impressive moves. But of course, then he discovered FPV and never looked back! This transition means that he brings with him skills most of the community have rarely seen.

Don't underestimate him as a fast and accurate racer; we've seen him in action, but Droneislife was  looking for a freestyler with gravity defying skill, and in Toby we found one of the very best!

Tobys current setup is as follows:

  • Armattan Mongoose Frame
  • Matek F411 flight controller
  • BrotherHobby Returner R6 motors, 2306 2450kv
  • 30a BL_Heli 32 ESCs
  • TBS Crossfire setup
  • Lumenier Axii Stubby antenna
  • HQ Prop 5x4.5x3 propellers (provided by Droneislife)
  • FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter
  • FatShark Dominator HD3 Goggles

Over the coming weeks and months we hope to be showcasing his exceptional talent on our social media, to lead the FPV freestyle charge! In the meantime, have a look at Sessions YouTube page HERE and don't forget to follow him on Instagram!


Announcing the very latest pilot to join the Droneislife team. Incredibly fast yet completely humble, Chris is storming through the 2019 race season and tipped to do well in this years National Championship with a string of qualifying wins under his google strap.

Flying large model aircraft since he was eight, Chris started flying mini quads almost 4 years ago after seeing Banni race at Weston Park in 2015.

"The first couple of years I wasn't interested in racing, just flying round the woods flipping through trees until my dad encouraged me to enter the Formula fpv event, I entered the sport class and won! I was pretty hooked after that."

Chris' day job is building and flying large octocopters for live television broadcasting for a company called Batcam, so even when not racing, he's still flying!

Chris' current setup is:

  • Atto Photon
  • F60 Pro iii 1750kv motors
  • Aikon 35a 4 in 1 ESC (provided by Droneislife)
  • Aikon F4 flight controller (provided by Droneislife)
  • TBS Unify Pro Nano 32/HV
  • Lumenier Axii Stubby
  • Crossfire Nano RX
  • Gemfan 5149-9 Hurricanes 
  • Dinogy  Platinum 1300mah 130c 6S LiPo
  • RJX Battery straps
  • Spektrum DX9 Gen 2 / Fatshark HDO / Rapidfire