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Ethix Black Cap

Ethix Black CapThe ETHiX cap is a high quality black snapback baseball cap, ..


Ethix Goggle Strap (Black)

Goggle Strap design inspired by HotDogFPVHere at Ethix we strive for perfect..


Ethix Lipo Straps

Ethix Lipo Straps “ it’s strap day my dudes!" You thought you were all about st..


Ethix Mr Steele 2306 2345kv Silk V2 Motor

Power, but not at the expense of your battery. Torque, but without sacrifice to ..


Ethix Mr Steele 2345kv Stout V2 Spare Bell

Ethix Mr Steele 2345kv Stout V2 - Spare Bell FEATURESThe Stout bell has the sam..


Ethix Mr Steele Stout Motor V2 1700kv

ETHIX MR STEELE STOUT MOTOR V2 (1700KV)The very popular Mr Steele Silk V2 we..


Ethix Quad-Builder Cable Set

Ethix Quad-Builder Cable SetThese are the most comonly used wire sizes used ..


Ethix Neck Strap

Ethix neck strapDesigned to be the best all round neck strap on the market, ..