First Person View

If you are new to flying, you may be a little lost by some of the terminology used to describe the movement of an aerial vehicle.

Line of sight flying is where many new pilots begin their drone hobby, and this is perfectly acceptable and some fantastic moves can be "pulled off" this way. Check out Mr Steele, one of the most famous quadcopter pilots in the world right now:

With line of sight, you must always be aware of the way your drone is pointing, as the controls on the transmitter correspond to the direction of the drone.

With FPV (First Person View) a small camera and video transmitter are mounted on the drone, providing video feedback to a pair of goggles. The very obvious advantage of this is that you become the pilot on and in the drone itself; if you bank left, so does your vision, so you are always forward facing and thus your controls move with you. Imagine Mariokart in the sky and this is how it feels (hopefully without the crashing into other pilots!).

After a little orientation, FPV feels very natural and your control of the drone will undoubtedly improve.

So, goggles or no goggles, the choice is yours.