Flight Controllers

The Flight Controller Board is the brain of any FPV setup

Its not quite a flux capacitor but this is what you spend all your time (and frustration) adjusting and perfecting! You're about to become an expert at PID tuning...

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Flyduino Kiss 32bit Flight Controller V1.03

New version!  Changed bootloader solderpads to a press button. Changed USB..


Flyduino KISS FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller

KISS FC V2 - 32bit Flight ControllerThe Idea was to get the simple KISS FC t..


Aikon F4 Flight Controller BF with OSD

The Aikon flight controller is a new generation flight controller designed speci..


DALRC F405 AIO Flight Controller

DALRC F405 AIO Flight Controller The DALRC F405 AIO comes equipped with a high-..


DALRC F405 Flight Controller

DALRC F405 Flight ControllerDALRC F405 Flight Controller comes equipped with..


Furious FPV Fortini F4 Flight Controller with OSD

Furious FPV Fortini F4 OSD - Seeing Is Believing.Designed to be nothing but the..


ImpulseRC Mr Steele Alien PDB *V2 IN STOCK*

*V2 IN STOCK* Mr Steele teamed up with the guys at ImpulseRC and Flyduino t..


RaceFlight SKITZO RevoltOSD Flight Controller

RaceFlight SKITZO RevoltOSD Flight ControllerThe RaceFlight RevoltOSD flight..